Italian Marble in Oakville Homes – Find the Best Natural Stone for Your Style

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Whether you find your inspiration in nature, fashion, or famous works of art, you can also find similar qualities in natural stone products. Your choice of Italian marble or natural stone for your Oakville home should reflect your personality and style. So, just what is your natural stone style? Check out these everyday influences:
Fashion Sense
Take a look at the go-to outfits in your wardrobe. What do you see? Vibrant colours or more earthy tones? Textures or patterns? These are clues to your natural stone style.
If your wardrobe features classic and elegant pieces, consider choosing natural stone Italianmarble for your kitchen or bathroom in timeless shades like Bianco Carrara, Ivory Pearl, Crema Europe, or the beautifully veined Fior Di Pesco.
Soft fabrics like cotton and linen can be replicated through natural stones like, Crema Marfil or Travertine Classic Browning limestone, whereas texture and patterns can be found in a variety of mosaic tiles. Lovers of luxurious silk may find solace in the calming flow of Sequoia Brown Leathered marble or the eye-catching muted tones of Oasis exoticgranite.
Trendy fashionistas will be drawn to the pops of colour offered by resilient Quartz Compac – think Fuschia and green Apple kitchen countertops – or by the alluring appeal of animal prints found in the rich ambers of Lumiere exotic granite or the distinct pattern of Palomino.
The Culinary Arts
As everyone knows, the heart of any home is in the kitchen, so it's vital this gathering place accurately reflects your natural stone style as chances are, you'll be spending a lot of time there.
Channel your inner French pastry chef with a spectacular Statuario Venato marble tile kitchen backsplash or Bianco Carrara marble countertops. Or become the wine aficionado you've always wanted to be with gorgeous Sienna Bordeaux traditional Italian marble with its hints of deep burgundy.
Your kitchen's natural stone style can also reflect your favorite foods and culinary desires. The deep colours of chocolate, nutmeg, and cinnamon can be found in sparkling Tropical Brown traditional granite, Emperador Dark or Sicilian Brown marble.
Or maybe your guilty pleasure is delicious ice cream or gelato? Quartz Compac echoes creamy vanilla bean in Lactea, buttery pecan in Nocce, and delectable chocolate through colours like Imperial and Marrón.
Are you a coffee connoisseur? Espresso and macchiato can be seen in Café Imperial and Giallo Veneziano traditional granites while Brown Emperador limestone is more reminiscent of cappuccino.
Decorating Style
Whether you're beautifying a small space or showcasing your entire space, there's a natural stone style for you. Classic decorators will appreciate the timelessness of Calacatta marble or the richness of elegant mahogany Quartzite. Both would be ideal for bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and backsplashes, as well as fireplace surrounds.
Those leaning towards contemporary, modern and minimalistic interior design styles will enjoy the natural glossy sheen of Statuario Venato Italian marble tiles or the striking black & white contrast of Van Gogh quartzite.
Art lovers will appreciate the Monet-like qualities of Fusion quartzite, museum-quality traits of Centaurus quartzite, or the stunning swirls and feathering of Barricato exotic granite.
Country and rustic decorators will no doubt find perfection in comforting styles of Country Tuscan or Sienna Stone limestone tiles, as well as the soothing tones of browns and beige found in Tuscany Mix mosaic tiles.